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STEP Parenting

Systematic Training for Effective Parenting​​

1. School age children

2. Young children

3. Teenagers


Hands-on-respect programs

Massage in Schools Association

Massage in School Programme

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Counselor Education Programs 


1.  The Parent Handbook by STEP Parenting 

2.  Parenting Young Children by STEP Parenting

3.  The Parent's Guide:  Teen by STEP Parenting

The Parent Handbook  (Via Zoom)

Parenting is intense! 

The Parent Handbook answers parenting riddles. 


Join me for seven sessions, just one evening per week! 


You may think..

"This is too big of a commitment!" or

"This will be too much time out of my schedule!" or

"I DO everything as I should already..." 


STEP will improve your connection with your child!  

Learn (or relearn:) the following:


~Understanding Your Child's Behavior 

~Listening and Talking to Your Child

~Discipline that Makes Sense

~The Four Purposes of Behavior & Misbehavior


~And more...



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